In pre-digital age, I first shot pictures with my father's Praktica, later with my own automatic film compact. Unfortunately film costs money and I didn't see that big of creative potential in it, so I started to really enjoy shooting photos when the digital age came.

The beginning of digital age for me was probably the first cell phone with camera. It definitely fully arrived with my dvd camcorder and family digital compact.

When my camcorder went to silicon heaven, I began to look for what type of camera would suit my needs. Over thoughts about DSLRs and mirrorless, I ended up back at advanced compact. Changeable lenses and big sensors are beautiful things, but with my improvised and unfocused approach there's real danger that I'd end up with backpack full of very expensive gear, which would go outside with me once a year at best.

I sacrificed technical picture perfection for low weight and small size. That allows me to not plan and shoot whenever I find interesting view, because I carry my sony hx90 almost always with me.

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