About music

and how I got musically where I am

I don't know when my fondness for music begun. As far as I remember it was always there. Some time during my puberty I started to actively try to make music and discovered that I enjoy live music as well as electronic. However their combination was never my strength.

So far I played guitar in two bands and learned it's not for me. Being band member, apart from enjoyable things like rehearsals and time on stage, also means incredible amount of waiting for all things possible, transporting equipment etc. You spend surprisingly small amount of time by actual music.

As the development of home computers has come, the production of electronic music has become accessible. Eventually even creation and recording of rock based music is possible today without need of having a band. Live drummer still sounds better than simulated one, but it's also lot more demanding to record one. There is always something for something.

If you'd like to hear some of my music, follow bandcamp link. You can listen or buy my music there, for anything from 0 money.

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