and why I don't want to call it that

When I was naming sections of this website, I discovered, that I don't know word which would work for drawings and paintings together, while not sounding bit pompous. There's something snobbish about that word. Today's art is primarily locked up in galleries, or understandable only to those who studied art school, or both.

Unlike quality graffiti, which is on the street for everybody - regardless of if you're wearing tuxedo and sipping champagne or if you just climbed from under a car in dungarees. Jaroslav Róna's sculptures in public space also don't require any special dress from you.

I'm not exactly sure what I meant by previous paragraphs. Anyway, I draw, paint and don't really care if my pictures can be called art or not. The more time I spent playing in band the less time I had for drawing. Until quite recently when I bought graphical tablet and started to create again. Unless we would count band gig posters and some photo manipulations which you can find on my DA profile.

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galery picture